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Canadian hempseed 25kg

Canadian hemp seed 25kg
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Merk: CarpFuture
Opgelet: 25kg

Hemp seed, also called hemp seed, is a popular bait in carp fishing because of its attraction to carp.

1: Preparing the hempseed: Before using the hempseed, you need to soak it. This can be done by placing the seed in a bucket or container of water and letting it soak for 12 to 24 hours.
2: Cooking the hempseed: Boil the hempseed for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes. This will increase the seed's attractiveness and cooking allows the seeds to burst slightly, releasing the flavors and oils as well as the germs.
3: Attention to bycatch: Please note that hempseed can attract not only carp, but also other fish species. If you fish specifically for carp. Roach in particular will also be attracted to the hempseed. However, this should not have a negative impact, carp will also be attracted to this activity.
If there is still too much trouble from other fish species, place your rig a few meters outside the feeding spot, carp will avoid the biggest crowds and feed just next to the feeding spot. PS: this tip also works for other bait types, but especially if there are Quite a few smaller specimens of carp hang around on the site. The larger fish are then foraging just next to the feeding spot
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