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Tijgernoten 7-15mm

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The gold among carp food, tiger nuts
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Tigernuts are a popular bait among carp anglers due to their effectiveness and appeal to carp.

Why are tiger nuts effective for carp fishing?
Attraction: The natural sweetness and oily scent of tiger nuts attract carp.
Resistance to smaller fish: The tough texture of tiger nuts makes it difficult for smaller fish to eat them, keeping them intact longer and giving carp the opportunity to find them.
Digestibility: Carp can digest tiger nuts well, which contributes to their effectiveness as bait.
Preparation of tiger nuts
To use tiger nuts optimally as bait, they must be properly prepared. Here are the steps for the preparation:
Soaking: Soak the tiger nuts in water for 24-48 hours. This helps to soften them and prevent them from damaging the carp.
Cooking: Boil the soaked tiger nuts for about 30-60 minutes until softened. This makes them more attractive to carp and ensures that they are easily digestible.
Ferment (optional): Leave the cooked tiger nuts in the cooking water for a few days to promote fermentation, which can increase their appeal.
Use of tiger nuts in fishing
Hooking: Thread one or more tiger nuts onto a hair rig, leaving the hook free for better hooking.
Feeding spot: Also use tiger nuts as food to create a feeding spot. This can be done by throwing loose tiger nuts into the water or by filling a PVA bag with tiger nuts and throwing it in with your hook bait.
Combining: Tigernuts can also be combined with other baits such as boilies or pellets to create a more attractive feeding area.
Tips for successful use
Variation in presentation: Experiment with different presentations and amounts of tiger nuts to see what works best in your fishing water.
Location: Choose your fishing location carefully, as carp prefer certain areas in the water, such as areas with shelter or food offerings.
Patience: Be patient and give the carp time to find the feeding spot and gain confidence in the bait.
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Tijgernoten 7-15mm

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